08. April 2015

3 Civic Plaza is Leading the Transformation of Surrey

from Angie Tennyson
3 Civic Plaza
3 Civic Plaza

Our latest project installing in Canada is leading Surrey’s transformation from an agricultural and bedroom community into a city with an urban core.

It is as shocking as it is impressive, say urban planners from across North America-via Vancouver & BC business news, people, data & events | Business in Vancouver. 

Century Group’s 3 Civic Plaza in Surrey.

New Urban Village of Surrey, BC

Developer Sean Hodgins of Century Group hopes 3 Civic Plaza in Surrey will become a new urban village. This project is the first substantial residential response to Surrey’s new urbanization plan spearheaded by Mayor Dianne Watts: two towers on a podium that will contain a hotel, office space and a residential building, and complement the city’s plans to densify, increase walkability and improve public transit access. A partner in the project is the SCDC (Surrey City Development Corporation) and the city is one of a handful in Canada that has created its own civic entity to encourage growth in such a hands-on manner.

Almost halfway through the six-year, $400-million-plus Build Surrey plan that also includes new recreational centres, firehalls, parks and arts space, Mr. Hodgins says the new urban experiment is all about “the public leading the private”, and that the key is context.

It’s certainly an improvement on many nearby towers, designed as inward-looking, suburban-style developments, divorced from their surroundings and devoid of interaction with the streetscape.

In fact, the new 3 Civic Plaza, as designed by architect Patrick Cotter, is all about connecting to and acknowledging architectural and environmental context.

“The city wanted an ‘iconic’ tower,” notes Mr. Cotter, “but I’m not interested in ego-driven architecture that doesn’t fit within the existing urban fabric.” via: 3 Civic Plaza aims to take the suburb out of Surrey – The Globe and Mail.

The key lies in the podium which engages directly with the plaza and contains the entrance for the five floors of office space above it on the north side of the plaza, the residential tower and the 144-room hotel. Its transparent glass lobby opens up directly onto the street and blurs all the social spaces into one – encouraging a sense of community (and a sense of safety augmented by the 24-hour nature of the hotel business.)


Installation of Schock Isokorb for concrete balcony connections will soon begin.

Check back next month for an update on the installation.

Floor Plans for 3 Civic Plaza Residence.
Floor Plans for 3 Civic Plaza Residence.

Project Team:

Developer: Century Group and Surrey Development Corporation

Architect: ZGF Cotter Architects

Structural Engineers: Fast +Epps

Construction: ITC Construction Group


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