Author: Chris Ford

25. September 2017

Successful installations start with clear communications

from Chris Ford

Incorporating structural thermal breaks into your high rise with the greatest efficiency requires clear, thorough communication and coordination between all team members — architect, engineer, supplier, contractor/installer — from the onset of the project. Otherwise, incomplete information can add unnecessary time and expense, potentially delaying the project.

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01. March 2017

Concrete Slab Edges; How Thin is Too Thin?

from Chris Ford

It’s hard to pinpoint an innovation or advancement in today’s world that isn’t due to improved technology. Building design is no exception. With its continual evolution, the limits and tolerances that we design and construct with, previously deemed “unachievable”, are now continually surpassed with each new building design – shaping it differently, building it taller, cantilevering it further, or designing it thinner.

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06. September 2016

Structural Thermal Breaks: Not Just For Balconies

from Chris Ford



Let’s play a word association game – what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see or hear “structural thermal break?”

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