Author: Nadja Woerner

21. August 2013

Want to work efficient? Make it Schöck-efficient.

from Nadja Woerner

Schöck-efficient…That’s what we were called from our partner in Australia, when working on a recent project. You think Schöck is only providing high performance, quality products? There’s more than that. Providing our innovative building products always includes high quality service as a part of the package.

We want to make your project efficient, and we want to see you satisfied! There are many building envelope details where solutions to thermal bridging are possible with our standard Isokorb® product range. Yet other times, various applications require a custom thermal break solution to be designed. Schöck accepts these challenges with your building envelope and we want to find the right solution for your structural connection. That’s were our technical support team is in demand. They are the ones getting in contact with you to clarify the technical details, ensuring all information is considered, weighing up the possibilities and providing a technical proposal for your project.

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