11. February 2015

ENR’s Image of the Year Contest Features Isokorb® Projects

from Angie Tennyson

For the past two years, ENR’s Annual Construction Image Contest has featured projects which include Isokorb® structural thermal breaks selected in the winning images.

2014 Winner- Tower at PNC Plaza

The most recent 2014 winners include an image of the Tower at PNC Plaza in Pittsburg, photographed by Mark Beckett of Century Steel Erectors.

ENR Image of the Tower at PNC Plaza, Image Source: http://enr.construction.com/photocontest/2014/detail.asp?itemid=33

The Tower at PNC Plaza is currently under construction, yet the final steel beam was installed this week.

Mark Beckett was onsite at the ceremony of the final beam erection.

pnc towertree and flag
Tower at PNC Plaza’s final beam ceremony.

In this image you can see the steel beam lifting off at the PNC Tower.  Mark Beckett explains the symbolism of the flag, tree and broom which accompanied the last beam on its rig to the top, “a tree as a blessing to the future tenants of the building, wishing them good luck, a broom symbolizes no fatalities on the project (it was a clean sweep), and the American flag, that we all stand for.”  See the full ceremony video clip.

The PNC Tower is currently at 70% completion with interior completion planned for Spring of 2015.

Schӧck Isokorb® concrete to concrete structural thermal breaks were included in the double façade window wall.

pnc tower with Isokorb and glass installed
Interior PNC Tower with thermal breaks installed in the concrete near the window wall.

NW corner - wide angle

 2013 Winner – Fulton Street Transit Station

In 2013, a project image from Fulton Street transit station was included in the ENR image of the year finalist.


Fulton Street is very special to us, as it was one of the first projects in New York to install structural thermal breaks. Construction was completed in November 2014. Schӧck Isokorb® steel to steel structural thermal breaks were install in the service walk way at the tip of the oculus in MTA’s Fulton Street transit station.


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