07. July 2016

Introducing Patrick Chan, Pacific Northwest Regional Sales Manager

from Abby Mycek
Left: Patrick Chan, Northwest Regional Sales Manager Right: Joe Fyock, Inside Sales Manager for North America
Left: Patrick Chan, Pacific Northwest Regional Sales Manager
Right: Joe Fyock, Inside Sales Manager for North America


Patrick M.B Chan has a passion for finding solutions to reducing the environmental footprints of buildings as an effective means of tackling global warming.

After graduating with a Civil Engineering degree (B.A.Sc.) from the University of British Columbia, his primary focus and expertise has been exploring innovative ways to make building envelopes more thermally efficient in order to reduce the overall energy usage from these structures. 

Prior to joining Schöck in April 2016, Patrick spent the past 11.5 years as a Technical Sales expert on Logix ICF (insulated concrete forms) and EPS rigid insulation products that helped achieve superior and energy efficient building envelopes that could eventually lead to Net Zero structures.

Patrick lives in beautiful Vancouver BC with his girlfriend , Jill, and their American Pitbull Terrier dog, Marley Pants, in one of the first LEED Gold condominium buildings in BC. It was the realization that his concrete floors in his home office beside the balcony were ice cold that convinced him to join Schöck. Patrick truly believes Schöck thermal breaks should be mandatory in all of our National and Provincial Building Codes.

In his spare time, Patrick is a semi-professional cash game No Limit Texas Hold’em poker player. He is also an advocate of rescuing and adopting pets that need loving homes instead of buying them from breeders.

Aside from being in awe of his building envelope knowledge, Patrick’s audiences often remark on how ridiculously good looking he is and have affectionately described him as “The Great One” (While we have not witnessed this personally, we at Schöck are overjoyed to have Patrick on the North American team!)











Tracy Dacko
06. September 2016 um 12:27

Always a pleasure to work with you, Great One! Looking forward to seeing you take the Vancouver market by storm.

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