05. October 2012

Introductions to the Schöck Isokorb® Team for North America

from Ekaterina Tropynina

The  Schöck Isokorb® team is a unique group of professionals, originating from different countries and cultures. We work together to bring the best services and products. But on the other hand we are a group of real and interesting people, who have their own interests, hobbies and diverse life experiences.

Each of us has prepared a short bio, which filled with personality type and quite interesting to read!

Sales Service Department, Isabelle Caron and Nadja Woerner

Isabelle Caron

My name is Isabelle Caron, and as the name sounds, I was born and grew up in France. I have always been fond of foreign languages and especially of German, this is why I seized the offered opportunity to study 2 years and graduate in Germany. This was my best time ever, meeting /partying with so many foreign students, learning from them, and I guess this was the “head stone” for my career at Schöck. I have been working at Schöck for the past 5 years, having spent some time in England and in different regions of Germany before, always within a very international field. I take to my responsibilities and tasks in this department like a duck to water, dealing with Russian, Canadian, Arabic, Asian and European customers or colleagues, providing them with commercial solutions and assistance. I like this multicultural environment a lot.

My private life is full of travelling (especially to Asia), nature, mountains and outdoor sports activities: these are my oxygen and my “good-mood-medicine”.


Nadja Woerner

My name is Nadja Woerner, I was born and raised in Buehl, Germany. After school, I trained and worked for three years, then decided to go to US for one year to work and study further. I saw a lot of the country within that year. This was great, as travelling is one of my favorite past times. During that time I realized that I want to work internationally. A few months after returning from the US, I began an internship with  Schöck and later joined the  Schöck team. Working at  Schöck gives me an opportunity to work for different countries. I am in charge of Sales Service Export. I enjoy working with  Schöck, I learn many things, and we all share our experiences within our team. I am continuing my education in international business economics, and look forward to a long history working with  Schöck.


Product Manager, Dieter Hardock

Dieter Hardock

My name is Dieter Hardock. I was born north of the black forest in Germany. I graduated from University of Applied Science in Karlsruhe in 1999 as structural engineer. After University, I worked in an engineering consulting office. I have also worked as project management for a steel contractor, constructing steel bridges in Switzerland. I have been working at Schöck since 2007.  Schöck offered me the possibility to look beyond structural engineer’s nose and to work for several foreign markets. I accepted this opportunity as I love to experience and learn new cultures and people. That’s what makes my work diversified and interesting.

If I have some spare time, besides my 2 children, I really love outdoor activities such as climbing, cycling and skiing, always in the search of new challenges 🙂


Sales Department, Matt Capone and Adam Kimble

Matt Capone

Matt Capone is my name. I am from Boston, I am an architectural professional with experience in design-build and construction industry implementing energy efficient strategies. My project experience spans from initial design development to construction practice. I am handling Isokorb® Sales and course trainings in the US, Northeastern region.

My drive is to create a lasting positive impact on our communities and the environment. I have proficiency in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and knowledgeable in energy efficient strategies such as Passive House. I have a Bachelor Degree in Architecture from Roger Williams University

I have a wife, two kids and a chocolates lab named Duncan.  I spend my leisure watching baseball and good old American football.  Libra is my sign, and I enjoy long walks on the beach.

Structural Design Department, Selda, Florian, Isabel, and Seref

Selda Sorg

My name is Selda Sorg. I was born in Turkey, and moved to Germany when I was 3 years old. I studied civil engineering at the “KIT-Karlsruhe Institute of Technology” where I specialized in steel construction and statics. After my graduation I started to work at Schöck, as a consultant engineer for the German Market for about 2 1/2 years.  Due to my intercultural background and as hence I am multilingual, I recently changed to the Emerging Markets department. My new job also suits me, as travelling and get in touch with various cultures is one of my biggest passions.

I am a member of theater acting group for over six years. There we play parts with intercultural topics.  In my new job I´ll be responsible, among others, for the following markets: North America, Middle East, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Greece. One of the benefits of working at Schöck, which I like the most, is to have the opportunity for further education during my work. It is a big pleasure for me to work together with so many nice colleagues.

Florian Brauer
Florian Brauer

My name is Florian Brauer, I was born in Strasbourg, France. I work in the Emerging Markets team as design draftsman. Over the last year, I have worked for Schöck France, as part of my university training. I am now in charge of all technical drawings like special Isokorb® layout drawings and details. I’m working internationally, supporting structural design engineers all over the world. My hobbies are playing soccer and watching movies.


Isabell Werner

My name is Isabel Werner.  I grew up in the Black Forest, Germany. I graduated from the University of Applied Science in Karlsruhe in 2003 as a structural engineer. I have been working at Schöck since 2006. In between University and Schöck I was working in an engineering consulting office.

I have restarted my work at Schöck in June 2012 after giving birth to my second daughter. Honestly, I was not thinking about starting that early after the second child, but with Schöck it is possible to work most of the time at home, so I can organize my time as my kids allow me ;-)). But usually my older daughter, 3 years, is in kindergarten, and my younger daughter is with her day nanny while I am working.

Schöck is a really good employer, because this company knows how to combine innovation and entrepreneurial spirit with a great personnel management – where the needs of the employees are respected. In my free time I play the clarinet or I love to run the marathon – each time one step ahead ;-))


Seref Diler

My name is Seref Diler. I was born and raised in Stuttgart City, Germany and my parents are originally from Turkey. I speak German, English, French and Turkish. My Hobbies are eating and drinking, movies, reading books, boxing, soccer and of course watching all kind of sports.  I studied structural engineering at the University of Stuttgart (major structural analysis, material science and construction management) My additional education is a concrete specialist. Furthermore, building physics is also one of my fields of interests.

I lived and worked in several countries until I started to work at Schöck in 2007, in the R&D (Research and Development) department.  During my R&D time I was in charge of the concrete developing, like UHPC, glass fiber reinforced concrete, light concrete and extruded concrete. I was in charge of the French approval, and product range developing for the Swiss and French market and developing of the Schoeck product- ComBAR® Thermo anchor (GFRP connector for sandwich panels or double walls).

Since July 2010 I manage the department of Emerging Markets. My team consists of structural design engineers, sales service and product management. We are situated in Germany but we are working only international. We are operating in following countries: USA, Canada, Russia, Finland, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Greece, India, Middle East. Our main job is providing technical solutions for thermal bridges and improving the sustainability of buildings with preventing mold development, energy saving and increasing living comfort.

What do I like mostly at Schöck: Schöck products support environmental improvements by means of increasing energy efficiency of buildings.  Moreover, innovation is very important for Schöck. I like this since I started in the R&D department. Developing and improving product efficiency is one of my favorite activities.  Schöck offers to everyone the opportunity to work on improvement and it is very open for new ideas.  Especially in international markets we learn each day and also constantly improve ourselves with each new challenging project.


Marketing and PR Department, Angie Tennyson, Stefanie Niederkofler and Rosa Weimer

Angie Tennyson

My name is Angie Tennyson, I was born and raised in Oklahoma, yet I ended up in Georgia, and on to Tennessee where I played college basketball.

After my education, I gained experience with international companies and developing a track record of working in the building products industry. I have a fondness of Germany innovation and technology, along with the structured style of managing tasks and processes.  I was also impressed with the logical solution of Isokorb®, to a problem that has been too long ignored in North America buildings.

I manage the marketing services for Isokorb® in the U.S and Canada. Schöck has an amazing team, and I am honored to join the ranks of such an impressive group of fun-loving people. I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband and two children, Triton and Allysa. We are an active family, outdoors in the mountains, on the basketball court, or the soccer fields every chance we have. We will play any sport with you, tennis, Ping-Pong, or pool, We love them all. My husband is involved in the music industry, and we are all waiting anxiously for the release of the Schöck company song!

Stefanie Niederkofler

Stefanie Niederkofler, Marketing, Baden-Baden, Germany. I made my first connection with Isokorb® on the 2nd of January 2012. This is the day I began working with Schöck in Baden-Baden, Germany, as marketing coordinator. I’m responsible for marketing in the Europe’s South and South-Eastern countries. Besides my lovely colleague Angie Tennyson, I’m the marketing contact person from Germany for the North American Isokorb team.

It is a great time and opportunity to be involved with Isokorb® and Schöck. I’m looking forward to a lot of interesting projects and marketing actions with the North American team.

Rosa Weimer

My name is Rosa Weimer. I was born in Kazakhstan, moved to Germany about 20 years ago. Responsible for PR in North America, Switzerland, Japan, Russia, Middle East, Emerging Markets. Work with Isokorb®, ComBAR® and Balcony Systems. I love working with people from all over the world! : ) I’m full of spirit, sometimes a bit crazy and have a good sense of humor.

Team Leader:

Alexander Krenczik

My name is Alexander (Alex) Krenczik. I work as Manager of North American Office and Business Development Manager for Finland, the Baltic States and Japan with Schöck Bauteile GmbH.  I have an engineering degree (Dilp. Ing.) from Darmstadt University of Technology, and I specialize in sustainability of building constructions, and designing with thermal bridge connections. I’m always excited in building up new markets and introduce our technology where it is not known before. Our expert team is dedicated to always find the right solutions for the different market requirements.


We hope it was an enjoyable journey on a road to meet our Isokorb Team!

All of us are so different, originated from a variety of different countries and having so many different interests and experiences, however one common goal is binding all of us together, the goal to bring the best services and products to North America.


Angie Tennnyson
11. October 2012 um 10:37

A nice introduction and an amazing team!

Ekaterina Tropynina
11. October 2012 um 10:52

I know, they all look great!:)

Marnie Röder
12. October 2012 um 05:24

Nice idea! It is good to know. Thanks

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