14. September 2012

Renzo Piano, Designer of the Kimbell Art Museum Expansion, Celebrates 75th Birthday.

from Angie Tennyson

While researching this project, I discovered today is Renzo Piano’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mr. Piano!

Also while researching this project, I read that the Renzo Piano’s addition at Kimbell Art Museum slightly resembles the current building at Kimbell Art Museum, designed by Louis Kahn, “in height and scale and in the span of the façade, as well as in its tripartite plan and use of travertine and concrete as primary materials.”

All may be true, yet I could not see the resemblance with my wee little eyes.

Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas. Model of the colonnaded south side of the pavilion, 2010. Rezno Piano,architect © Rezno Piano Building Workshop.


Installation Update at Kimbell

Installation is progressing on the new building at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas.

This building, designed by Renzo Piano, is aiming for carbon neutral, and is incorporating Isokorb® thermal break elements for the steel canopy, as well as the connection at the parapet to the roof. See below, where Isokorb® has been installed.

Kimbell Art Museum Addition, Isokorb® installed at parapet with stirrups.

Renzo Piano is a Builder First.

Renzo Piano is an impressive architect, known for numerous museums throughout the world. He is famous for the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, (a.k.a. the Beaubourg), the Beyeler Museum in Basel, the Klee Museum in Bern; and in the U.S., the recent California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. Other commissions include the expansions of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, as well as the enlarged Morgan Library & Museum in New York and High Museum of Art in my hometown of Atlanta.

On ArchDaily, they have posted a notable quote from Renzo Piano, which I appreciated:

“As an architect you are a builder. You are of course more than a builder. You need to be a militant, you have to be a poet, you have to be a visionary, you have to be an artist. But certainly you have to be a builder. Everything starts from there.” – Renzo Piano, in an interview with BBC correspondent, Razia, via Happy Birthday Renzo Piano! | ArchDaily.

Watch the inspiring video of Renzo Piano as he is interviewed by Architecture Review’s, Rob Gregory.

Expansion to Kimbell Art Museum

Renzo Piano displays an appreciation for natural light, yet remains dedicated to the goal to incorporate energy savings, with an innovative roof system.

The Renzo Piano expansion will add 90,000 sq. ft. to the Kimbell Art Museum, with bays and a louvered roof system with photo-voltaics. The cantilevered roof  features Isokorb type S for the steel connection, to provide a structural thermal break.

Isokorb thermal break
Isokorb Insulated Connection for Steel

This cantilevered roof is designed to protect the glass front and interior from the sun, as well as shade the green space between the two buildings. The Piano building will include new galleries for special exhibitions, an education center, library, and a larger auditorium.

Those involved on the expansion project (in addition to Renzo Piano) include:

Structural Engineer: Guy Nordenson and Associates (Who was also the Structural Engineer on the Indianapolis Museum of Art Visitors Pavilion, which utilized Isokorb thermal breaks.)

Preconstruction Services / Construction Manager: Beck Group

Installation: TriPyramid Structures (Also involved in the Fulton Street Station Project, providing glazing support rods and interior skin. Another project which includes Isokorb thermal breaks.)

More on the Kimbell Art Museum: http://www.archdaily.com/123761/ad-classics-kimbell-art-museum-louis-kahn/

And more updates on this project still to come…


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