15. March 2013

LIDO Residential Tower Plans to Break Thermal Bridges in Vancouver.

from Angie Tennyson

We are excited about the recent annoucement of LIDO, a  21-level residential tower in False Creek, Vancouver, Canada  to include Isokorb® thermal breaks in their balcony/slab connections.

Isokorb® type CM at balcony / slab connection
Isokorb® type CM at balcony / slab connection

The LIDO project by Bosa Properties, who is known for their legendary attention to detail, is setting a new benchmark in sustainable luxury.

They have include design additions such as solar shading devices on the south and west façade of the building to reduce solar heat gain. To improve occupant comfort,  Isokorb will help retain heat near balcony entrances inside the condos, reducing cold floors. Compared to non-insulated concrete connections, Isokorb achieves a 90 percent reduction in thermal conductivity in the connection area for standard load-bearing scenarios.

The benefits of Isokorb are also helping the LIDO project in their target of LEED™ GOLD.

Look for more construction updates on the LIDO residential tower.

LIDO Construction has begun. Source: http://www.bosaproperties.com/lido/

Developer: Bosa Properties

Architect: Neale Staniszkis Doll Adams Architects and Richard Henry

Structural Engineer: Glotman Simpson


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