12. September 2012

Meet Ebi and Matt

from Angie Tennyson

Meet Ebi and Matthew Capone, two employees from Schöck that you should know.

Ebi is our company mascot. He is featured on Schöck installation guides, demonstrating the correct method of install with a friendly thumbs up.

Ebi, the Schöck company mascot.

















Ebi was born in Germany, and he is an avid traveler. He is found visiting the world to see Schöck installations.  I am looking forward to see Ebi visits our current Isokorb installations in the USA and Canada!



Matt Capone, US Sales Manager










Matthew Capone is our US Sales Manager. He is our go-to-man for thermal bridge solutions and services in the US.

Matt is an architectural designer with a wealth of experience in design-build and implementing energy efficient strategies. His project experience extends from initial design creation through site development and construction. Besides that, he is very entertaining, which comes in handy during presentations and unexpected moments.

Matt is both proficienct in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and knowledgeable in Passive House building methods.

Matt lives in Boston, and is expecting his second child any day now…..or a week ago.

We are excited for him, and are wishing his family a safe delivery.

To meet more of the US team, visit our contact page.


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