21. August 2015

Setting the Bar in Boston

from Matt Capone
Construction at Millennium Tower
Millennium Tower Boston

Millennium Tower Boston is setting the bar high, creating a new level in standards for multi-use residential projects in Boston.
The luxury residential tower is rising 60-stories at 1 Franklin Street . Schӧck was on-site to provide guidance with installing Isokorb® structural thermal breaks in terrace slabs for each penthouse unit.

Millennium Tower Boston
A 360° view is available from the 60 story balcony of Millennium Tower Boston, Charles River and Boston Harbor.
Millennium Tower Boston Street view
Street-level, the signs reads, “The City Rises from Here.”

Rising from the location of the former Filene’s Department Store, Millennium Tower Boston is providing luxury urban living in one of Boston’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

In return, the neighborhood has provided a warm welcome with 75% of the units sold in only seven months.

Luxury balcony, thermal bridging
Rendering of balcony at penthous, Belvedere Terrace, Millennium Tower, Boston.

With a focus on energy conservation, architect Blake Middleton, FAIA of Handel Architects specified structural thermal breaks to be installed in the Millennium Tower terrace balconies of the penthouse levels 51 and 52. The Isokorb® installation also eliminates cold surface temperatures near the terraces, as well as increase the building’s energy efficiency and longevity.

Isokorb structural thermal breaks delivered for Millennium Tower Boston Installation
Pallets of Isokorb® delivered for installation.
thermal bridge solutions, Structural Thermal Breaks
On-site, cutting Isokorb® with a hand saw.

Isokorb® are easily cut onsite with a hand saw to accommodate custom lengths and configurations.

Terrace balcony, separation of building slab.
Installation of thermal breaks complete in one terrace balcony.

The terrace balcony is complete with Isokorb® installation, creating a thermal separation from the building slab to the exterior terrace slab.

Isokorb Installation Complete, Reference project Isokorb
Proud of the work being completed at Millennium Tower Boston.

Beautiful view from the 51st floor.

Isokorb Installation thermal briding
Isokorb® modules are installed and locked in place to prepare for the concrete pour.

Wood forms are seen here on top of the modules to create the 9” step down to the terrace slab.

Check back next month for more updates of Millennium Tower Boston!

Project Team
Developer: Millennium Partners
Engineer: DeSimone
Architect: Handel Architects
General Contractor : Suffolk Construction
Concrete Contractor : S+F Concrete


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