08. July 2013

Morrison Hershfield Research on Concrete Balcony Connections.

from Adam Kimble

During last month’s American Institute of Architects (AIA) tradeshow, a noteworthy study was released, which compares the thermal performance and whole energy impact of concrete balconies. The research was completed by Morrison Hershfield, a leader in building physics, who also completed the ASHRAE  1365-RP, Thermal Performance of Building Envelope Details.

Thermal Profiles for Modeled 3D Sections are included in the Report. Source: Morrison Hershfield

 Morrison Hershfield had the opportunity to determine the impact of Isokorb® structural thermal breaks compared to conventional balconies and balconies with intermittent insulation. This study consisted of a whole energy building model that analyzed a common multi-unit residential building (MURB) with 422 units in Toronto, Canada.

With today’s common practice of unfounded claims being made by manufactures, it is valuable to obtain third party testing to prove the results of Isokorb®. The Morrison Hershfield study concluded that concrete balconies, at only 3.5% of the building enclosure, reduced the thermal conductivity by 75% compared to conventional balcony construction (continuous concrete slab).

Thermal Transmittance and Reduction of Heat Loss

This resulted in a decrease of energy consumption by 7% to as high as 14% when using Isokorb® in conjunction with higher performance assemblies.

Whole bldg
Whole Building Energy Analysis

Imagine warm floors and a lower energy bill from a product that prevents energy loss at such a small area within the building enclosure. Next time you are designing a high-rise residential building or in the market for a new condo unit, consider the use of Schock Isokorb®, an innovative building solution with proven results.

Executive Summary of the Comparison of Thermal Performance and Whole Energy Impact       

Full report of Thermal and Whole Building Performance of Thermal Break Technology for Concrete Balconies in High –Rise Multi-unit Residential Buildings

ASHRAE 1365-RP,  Thermal Performance of Building Envelope Details for Mid- and High Rise Buildings (1365-RP)


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