14. November 2012

Presenting the Building Physics of Structural Thermal Break

from Victor Yakin

As part of an outreach program to promote German sustainable construction technology, the GACC (German American Chambers of Commerce) invited Schöck to present about Isokorb® structural thermal break solution, as well as other leading companies and institutions to present at Rice University and the University of Houston. Both seminars were well attended by architecture students during November 8th and 9th in Houston, Texas.


The keynote speaker at both events was Dipl-Ing Christian Bergmann, researcher at University of Stuttgart.

Dipl-Ing Christian Bergmann
Dipl-Ing Christian Bergmann

Dipl-Ing Christian Bergmann presented “The Efficiency Plus House”, a model house built in Berlin that generates electricity to supply its own power needs, charge electric vehicles, and even produce a surplus to sell back to the utility.

Following Mr. Bergmann’s program, I presented “Building Physics – Structural Thermal Breaks”.

Victor Yakin Presenting
Victor Yakin Presenting

The presentation was very well received by professors and students alike. The building physics slides, showing how variations of different elements (wall, window, thermal break in slab) affect overall thermal resistance (R-Value) was of particular interest to many, since it clarifies the importance of addressing all building elements to achieve a high level of energy efficiency.

The GACC was very pleased with our presentations and has invited us to participate in future events.


Matt Capone
05. December 2012 um 18:23

Victor – Very nice. We will also be doing a GACC event here in
Boston this spring (date is TBD)

Victor Yakin
06. December 2012 um 12:09

Thanks Matt, It was a great pair of events. The ladies from GACC
were extremely helpful and supportive (thanks!). The slides showing
how variations/improvements on different elements of the facade
impact thermal losses generated a lot of interest. Let me know if i
can assist in any way…

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