05. November 2015

Reaching for Higher Performance in Tall Buildings

from Angie Tennyson
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October marked the completion of the Tower at PNC Plaza.

Congratulation to the teams involved, on an incredible design and construction accomplishment in Pittsburgh.

This tower stands as an example before other tall buildings on innovation in design and collaborations of design teams.

Tower at PNC building1

Standing 564 ft/172m, the Tower at PNC Plaza comes in #10 in Pittsburg on the skyscraper center.  The distinction of the Tower is found in the design of the double-skin façade and a solar chimney.

double skin 2
Image Source: The Tower at PNC Plaza – A Breath of Fresh Air – Urban Planning and Design – architecture and design

The double-skin façade design includes the use of  Isokorb® thermal breaks. Find out more about the design with structural thermal breaks on the Install Update at the Tower at PNC Plaza post.

The Tower was designed to exceed LEED™ Platinum certification, with a goal to be the greenest tower in the world. In a Breath of Fresh Air, GenslerOn, Hao Ko and Ben Tranel lead you through the creative endeavor.  They share their insight of the process, from accepting the goal of designing the greenest skyrise in the world, to how they collaborated to reach this accomplished.

The bar raises in high-rise, high-performance buildings.


Additional Resources:

Case Study on the  Tower at PNC Plaza with Schock Isokorb®.




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