01. October 2012

End of Summer, Looking Back to Fantastic Schöck Events

from Stefanie Niederkofler

This summer has been busy, in May we launched Isokorb® product in Canada with the Innovative Connections event. Joined by other specialist in building science, we presented latest finding and research on thermal bridging.

In June the team met in Germany to proceed with final planning for Schöck USA company launch, visiting the newly opened museum.

Following the motto “50 years of Schöck – 50 years of innovations,” visitors can now find out all about the company’s vivid history and its philosophy in an area of a total of 1,300 square feet with seven multimedia theme stations.

On 1st July Schöck USA, Inc. was founded and we are very happy to have Angie Tennyson and Matt Capone now in our team for and in the USA.

In July was our 50th celebration of Schöck.  It was an amazing event where all Schöck employees from the world were invited with their partners. We celebrated the 50 years at a very special place: the horse race track in Baden-Baden/Iffezheim, which is a very famous place in Germany.

Horse race at 50th Celebration of Schock.
Horse race at 50th Celebration of Schock.

An exciting horse racing, delicious dinner, great animations, fantastic music and finally a spectacular fire show with fireworks. Wow – this was absolutely great.


The most amazing moment for me was the speech of the founder of the company Eberhard Schöck, 77 years old. His warm words to all of us were very moving. I think Eberhard Schöck was also very impressed of all the people around him who celebrate the 50th anniversary with him. Without his invention of the Isokorb® we would not be together for this event.

Schöck Company founder, Eberhard Schöck
Schöck Company founder, Eberhard Schöck

It was a very special event with a wonderful atmosphere and family spirit all around.

As summer comes to an end, I’m now looking forward to a warm autumn with a lot of interesting topics and projects for North America.

Share a comment below, we want to know: What your biggest Schöck event of the summer?


Angie Tennnyson
11. October 2012 um 14:35

Great post Stefanie. This event was certainly memorable! We had
such a wonderful time.

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