10. December 2012

Schoeck Canada Foresight 2013

from Christian Witt

The business has been extremely rewarding this past year. The sales of ComBAR® climbed drastically and achieved 3 times the sales volume of 2011. We have also noticed that GFRP is now a common building material and is being specified in a great number of bridge and tunnel structures, especially in Ontario. But also the United States has been an interesting market in 2012. Besides, we have seen a great interest in the future use of GFRP in New Brunswick, Manitoba and British Columbia.

In 2012, we also had an amazing and successful introduction of our Thermal Break Element, the Schöck Isokorb®. Isokorb® has being installed in over 10 different buildings across Canada!  We are now starting to convince architects, engineers and primarily developers and owners about the unique advantages of the Isokorb® to minimize energy consumption, improve the quality of living space and subsequently protect the environment in which we all live and in which our children and their children will live in the future.

Schӧck ComBAR®
Schӧck Isokorb® Type CM and S
Schӧck Dorn® & Bole®

We expect our success to continue and develop exponentially in 2013. Why do I think that? First of all, it has been announced that Epoxy Coated rebar will no longer be accepted in provincial structures in Ontario. Due to the palpable danger of pitting corrosion around scratched coating areas, the system could not really offer the required corrosion protection in the harsh Canadian winter environment. And it will only be a matter of time until all Municipalities in Ontario, other provinces in Canada and the United States follow the same path. The only reliable solutions against corrosion attack remain Glass Fibre Reinforcement Systems and Stainless Steel rebar. And with all those structures in Ontario in desperate need of repair or replacement and stainless steel being prohibitive in cost, the market for GFRP is expected to grow faster than ever and make its way to the top.

In addition, due to the hard and persistent work of our Isokorb® Team and our focus to train architects and developers on the fundamental environmental benefits of the product, the market is now being prepared. 2013 will be a very important year. There is no doubt that the Isorkorb® will soon be part of the industry standard in North America as it has been for over 20 years in Europe. Balconies without Isokorb® will be unthinkable.

And last but not least, we have sparked a lot of interest in our punching shear and dowel systems, Schöck Bole® and Schöck Dorn.

Thanks again to all our supporters, believers and friends. You have made it possible for us to be that successful. Therefore, we assure you again that you will always receive the best services, consultancy and expertise you are used to when working with Schöck Canada Inc.




William Krohn
21. September 2013 um 11:51

Excellent news Christian! As you know we are firm believers in the
advantages of your, for North America, new and beneficial product
line. We continue to auger for better/enhanced energy efficiency in
our construction “culture”, often highly recommending such forward
thinking technologies as Schoeck offers so its great news to hear
of the rapid expansion in use and the growing success, through your
team’s handwork under your valuable leadership, of Schoeck in North
America. Regards and kudos Bill

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