30. October 2012

Structural Engineers in DC Learn About Thermal Bridging

from Jim D Aloisio

On 24 October I spent the evening with about 30 members of the Structural Engineers Association of Metropolitan Washington (SEAMW). They had a dinner meeting at Maggiano’s Chevy Chase, and invited me to present on my favorite topic – thermal bridging.

Entitled “Efficient Building Structures And Thermal Bridging,” the presentation covered the basics of thermal bridging, then offered a review of different thermal bridge mitigation strategies, including Manufactured Structural Thermal Break Assemblies.

Although several people in the audience had some familiarity with the products, most of the audience was fairly new to the topic.

There was good food, good questions, good dialogue, and a good introduction and overview of thermal bridging problems and solutions.

Thank you to Schock, for sponsoring the event!

Jim D’Aloisio


Angie Tennyson
01. November 2012 um 10:19

Jim, Thank you for continuing to spread the word on thermal
bridging. It sounds like this was a great event. -Angie

Matt Capone
05. November 2012 um 08:36

Jim, Great job..glad it went well. Thanks again for covering. Until
next time!!

Tracy Martell
23. January 2013 um 23:08

To be a structural engineer is a difficult career. They must be
sure that buildings are secure and steady, and created to keep the
loads and function it was created for.

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