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08. April 2015

Solutions to Thermally Efficient Building Envelope Details

from Dieter Hardock

Building envelope thermal performance is greatly affected by thermal bridging, or localized areas of increased heat flow through walls and roofs. Mitigating the impact of thermal bridging is not only necessary to reduce energy consumption but is also an important consideration for minimizing the risk of condensation on cold surfaces and for maintaining occupant comfort.

As part of new Building Envelope Thermal Bridging (BETB) Guide, various construction details have been analyzed to evaluate traditional thermal bridges and various solutions provided by Schöck Isokorb. Please find the report here.


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12. March 2015

Around the Corner Balcony

from Alexander Krenczik


Condominiums and apartment buildings can be designed with corner, wrap around balconies to provide dramatic views. These corner balconies are most commonly cantilevered concrete balconies which are a slab extension from the building’s interior slab surface.

Corner balconies provide heightened aesthetics designs as well as ensure optimal sun exposure on the balcony. This is especially important when your balcony faces east, to allow a corner section on the south to provide additional sun exposure during the day. In dormitories, balconies are often used as loggia walkways around the building as an evacuation scenario for a fast and secure escape.

Building with Wrap around Corner Balconies.
Building with Wrap around Corner Balconies.

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02. September 2014

Luxury at The River in Calgary

from Mike Lemen

The River is becoming known as Calgary’s ultimate luxury residential complex with construction well under way on the residential tower. Completion is expected in 2015 for the tower which will contain 38 homes situated within 16 floors containing one to four suites per floor and 11 three-story townhouses.

via http://www.therivercalgary.com/
via http://www.therivercalgary.com/

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14. January 2013

If You Can Install a Thermal Break Here, You Can Install it Anywhere!

from Matt Capone

Schӧck Isokorb® has made a (thermal) breakthrough in New York City:  Isokorb ® has been successfully installed in the first thermally broken balcony in the big Apple. Schӧck USA recently received NYC DOB approvals for the Isokorb® module and now a flag has been planted in Manhattan.

In early 2012, we had the first steel thermal break connection at Fulton Street Transit station. And while Isokorb® has been installed globally, with over 10 million thermal break units, over a span of more than 20 years, a concrete thermal break project in New York City is an accomplishment in which we are proud!

The first concrete thermal break in NYC is at the Chelsea Green Development. Located at 151 West 21st Street, the project is expecting to be LEED Version 3 Gold‐certified, and is designed by Architect Stephen B. Jacobs Group and structural engineering by WSP Cantor Seinuk.


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