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21. November 2013

The Passion and Pavilion of Renzo Piano

from Angie Tennyson
Renzo Piano tossing a Frisbee for the press.
Renzo Piano tossing a Frisbee for the press.

The conversation is turning up on Renzo Piano this week as dozens of publications discuss the upcoming opening of the Piano Pavilion, the expansion to the Kimbell Art Museum.


While just a few months ago, Renzo Piano was named Senator for Life in Italy. This month marks the opening of the modest and highly respected Piano Pavilion, which accompanies the grounds with the Louis Kahn masterpiece. Modest, because of the small footprint of the 90,000 sq. ft. space, compared to the neighboring Kahn building at 120,000 sq. ft.  … read more

14. September 2012

Renzo Piano, Designer of the Kimbell Art Museum Expansion, Celebrates 75th Birthday.

from Angie Tennyson

While researching this project, I discovered today is Renzo Piano’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mr. Piano!

Also while researching this project, I read that the Renzo Piano’s addition at Kimbell Art Museum slightly resembles the current building at Kimbell Art Museum, designed by Louis Kahn, “in height and scale and in the span of the façade, as well as in its tripartite plan and use of travertine and concrete as primary materials.”

All may be true, yet I could not see the resemblance with my wee little eyes. … read more