28. May 2013

Teamwork Leads to USA Success

from Domenico Pace

Last month, Schӧck in the UK was contacted by an American engineering firm wanting to find out some information on a nonmetallic concrete reinforcement product.
The UK office immediately forwarded this inquiry to our offices in Baden-Baden Germany. Germany which in turn notified the offices in Canada and the contact information was provided to myself here in the United States.

From the initial contact , Christian and I made the decision to travel and meet with the individuals involved in making this decision and showing them the advantages of using the ComBAR product. We identified all the companies involved, the General Contractor and the sub-contractor that would be doing the actual installation of the product.

I orchestrated a Wednesday morning meeting where we met with all parties. After several revisions of the exact application and design that was going to be used in the implementation of the ComBAR product in this individual installation we submitted our proposal. By Thursday evening we had confirmation from the sub-contractor that everything was in place for him to submit to the general contractor for approval.

I am happy to announce that first thing on the morning of April 5th I received an email confirmation and a letter of intent to move forward with ComBAR on the installation.

The collaborative effort from our ComBAR offices in the UK, Baden-Baden Germany especially Carsten Heidrich, and the proactive efforts of Schoeck Canada, Christian Witt, Dritan Topuzi, Stefanie Witt and myself led to the success of us being awarded this contract.

I look forward to many more to come and I thank everyone involved in this process. More information and photos to follow once we visit the jobsite when they break ground for the installation.


Sven Ustrabowski
29. May 2013 um 08:14

great job!!!!

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