05. December 2012

Thermal Break at Innovation Pavilion Boston

from Matt Capone

On November 14-16th, the Isokorb® product was featured in the Innovative Products Pavilion at ABX (Architecture Boston Expo) 2012.

Alongside Isokorb® were other innovative products, such as Schuco Curtain wall systems.

There was a great amount of interest in the Isokorb® displays and samples. People were drawn to the unique nature of how the product works and many said this will solve problems in design and construction which have always been overlooked.

The workshops at the ABX show were packed. One highlighted workshop was on the topic of Thermal Performance of Facades by Payette Associates, focusing on the many locations where thermal bridging occurs in modern buildings.

Andrea Love and Charles Klee of Payette have taken a lead role in creating analysis of current practices and also ways to increase the efficiency of details and projects. They also announced their involvement with the AIA Upjohn Research Grant. http://www.payette.com/post/1323642-aia-upjohn-research-grant

We look forward to working with them to help further awareness of the issues and practical solutions for designers to adopt.


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