19. February 2013

Thermal Breaks in Denver.

from Adam Kimble

On February 5th and 6th Alex Krenzcik and myself had the opportunity to speak at two events in the Denver, Co area. The first day the Building Enclosure Council (BEC) of Denver hosted the event to the crowd of over sixty attendees in which we presented our accredited AIA presentation on Structural Thermal Breaks for Balconies, Canopies and Beams. In attendance were architects, engineers, façade consultants, and other various professionals in the building industry. I was really impressed by the attendance and interest the BEC displayed on limiting thermal bridging problems that are becoming more realized. There was a lot of dialogue throughout the presentation and still currently on how to integrate Isokorb® into varied projects.

Thermal Breaks at Balconies

On the second day of the trip we presented to the structural engineering firm Studio NYL that also focuses on facades. The credentials of this firm proves the forward thinking process on engineering sustainable, energy efficient structures. I believe this will be a great partnership in the future due to their capability of addressing both the structural and thermal issues of projections connecting to the building.

A special thanks to Will Babbington of Studio NYL for coordinating the two presentations and JE Dunn for hosting us at their conference room for the BEC presentation. We look forward to connecting with the architectural & engineering community in Colorado again in the future with AIA Lunch & Learns and at our booth at the AIA National Convention in Denver June 20-22.



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