30. August 2013

Update on Lower Manhattan’s Fulton Center

from Angie Tennyson

One of the first New York City projects to include Isokorb® was the Fulton Center subway station. We covered this project during installation of Isokorb® thermal breaks in 2012, on our Schӧck German blog “Isokorb® at the Top.”

The Fulton Center subway station is still under construction and is getting increased attention with the installation of the Sky Reflector-Net. The Sky Reflector-Net is being installed within the oculus, housed within an eight-story dome. This dome includes Isokorb type S connections for a thermally broken steel support walkway.

Isokorb, steel thermal break connection installed at Fulton Center.
Isokorb, steel thermal break connection installed at Fulton Center.

The specification and installation of Isokorb in Fulton Center was one of the more simplistic feats in this project. They discovered an area of thermal bridging where the steel structure could cause condensation and energy loss.  The manufactured structural thermal break, Isokorb type S, was the right solution with a modular system that can be used for all profile sizes and structural loads. The more challenging task was the Sky Relector-Net and the glass oculus.

The glass oculus designed by Grimshaw, has recently showcased on the Arup websites with striking images of the cable net installation process. The cable net was Fabricated by Tripyramid Structure  and installation was completed by Enclose. The design team underwent extensive research to trace how air would flow, how light would filter, and what strength of forces would bear on the cable segments. See more details on this at Arup.

The oculus is an impressive demonstration of technology and research to find new ways to provide light combined with art to the subterranean subway station. The cable net and cladding system were conceived and designed through an engineer/architect/artist collaboration consisting of Arup, Grimshaw, and James Carpenter Design Associates (JCDA). While Isokorb is hidden in the glory of this remarkable design,  is a great first project in New York, with many more installations following.


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